After an amazing month on the road conducting My Crowdfunding Study, I spent the last week and a half chillin’ out on the coast of Brazil and reflecting on what transpired during that period. While nothing has really sunk in, I was able to piece together a few thoughts as to how I see things right now and where I think the crowdfunding movement is going here in this part of Latin America.

It was really interesting to spend time in two vibrant, yet completely different countries. Having already been in Argentina prior to this trip, I had a fairly good idea about what to expect; with Brazil on the other hand, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. I arrived like a fish out of water, but it didn`t take me long to get into the mix and start seeing how there is much more to Brazil than a growing economy and Carnaval.

The thing that really struck me during my time in Brazil was how alive and full of energy the people were.  The more time I spent in the country, the more I got to see that wonderful spirit of community and entrepreneurship. In the context of crowdfunding, nothing could be more important, as entrepreneurs are nothing without a strong community behind them. The wonderful thing about the entrepreneurs and people that I met during my time is that the great majority have a burning desire to launch ventures that change the system and make life better for people around them, rather than simply being an entrepreneur to make money or be recognized.

While there are numerous differences socially, culturally and economically between Argentina and Brazil, both possess a similar characteristic in that the lives of the people are very centred around friends and family. In this sense, it is easy for me to see why crowdfunding has a lot of potential in both markets.

The real beauty of crowdfunding to me, is that it only takes a little bit of money to be a part of something that could be transformative for a large number of people. 10 dollars here, 20 dollars there, and 50 dollars every once in a while, can make a big difference when applied in the context of crowdfunding. By getting people involved and creating projects that inspire genuine community engagement, the collective crowd can aid in the creation of new opportunities that would have otherwise never existed.

As today will be my last full day of this trip to South America, I will start to begin the process of compiling a report summarizing my thoughts, findings and forecasts from my research. I don`t have a timeline for when the report will be finished, or a guide for specifically what it will contain, but I will write a post here and and on my main business website ( when I am finished. If you are interested in seeing a copy of the report when it is finished, please email me at mycrowdfundingstudy at

Once again, thank you to everyone who participated and supported me along this journey, I am looking forward to getting back and moving forward, in whatever direction that may be.





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